One of our most popular classes at Remix Market is the Mosaic Glass Window workshop. We have been offering this workshop for about 6 months and while every class is fun, our December classes were really special. The focus was to create a Christmas tree within the panes of the window. To say we were blown away with the results is an understatement. Each window was a work of art and we can confidently say that every participant was beyond pleased with what they accomplished!

This project is super easy and you can do this at home. However, it is very messy so taking the class in our workshop is probably a smart idea! Here is everything you will need and the simple steps to create your own masterpiece:

Start with an old window and don’t look for perfection. We get a lot of old windows from the Junkluggers (which is the other side of our business), but you can easily find them on Facebook marketplace or at resale shops. For the Christmas trees it is best to use a single pane window or a double pane window. Several people used the four pane windows and they worked just fine. Get your window nice and clean. You may want to paint the window, but if you are undecided this is something you can do at a later date. We like the natural, aged look so we usually don’t paint them. With old windows you might find that the caulking has dried out or even fallen out. If you see this it is necessary to caulk the window and let it dry prior to starting your design. We recommend clear caulk.

We cover our workshop tables with plastic in case resin spills or leaks. We also elevate each window on risers so that the window will not stick to the plastic if there is a leak or spill. Preparing your workspace will save you a lot of headaches!

During the class we put out a huge array of colored and clear glass. We accumulate broken pieces throughout the year and break them into smaller pieces for the class. We also purchase stained glass squares at a local hobby shop. It is nice to have a variety of glass in different shapes and sizes.

You will need a hammer, a towel and safety glasses to break the glass. You might also want to wear gloves as the glass shards are very sharp. Each student has a large plate and they fill their plate with the colors they want to use for their design. This is probably the hardest part: deciding what to create. The Christmas tree class is easy because everyone is working on the same idea. We recommend laying out the larger pieces of glass and getting a basic idea going. Once your idea starts to unfold you can start gluing the pieces in place. We use clear E6000 glue which is available in most hobby stores or online. Make sure you get the clear glue! We use popsicle sticks to apply the glue and we have tweezers on hand for handling the glass.

Once the design is set in place it is time to pour the resin. We have tried several different products and have decided that Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast High Gloss resin is the best. It isn’t cheap, but the results are wonderful. The resin comes in 2 bottles, part A and part B. You combine equal parts in a separate container and mix for 5 minutes. This is a gentle folding and not a vigorous stir. This is really important. Being too rough with the resin will result in a cloudy finished product or lots of air bubbles. As a side note, when doing a beach scene you might like the effect of the air bubbles. It is also important to wear gloves and an apron and a mask. The resin is a chemical so take every precaution.

Once the resin is ready we pour into smaller containers and slowly pour over the glass design. We use a popsicle stick to spread the resin. The resin will self level so don’t worry if it looks uneven. If you have glitter and small beads or shards you can add them after you pour the resin. This adds another dimension and texture to your piece. Can you believe this is all you have to do? The only remaining step is to allow the resin to dry and the piece must remain flat. It will take at least 24 hours to dry so our students come back the following day to pick up their windows.


As you can see, this is a very easy project. And a very messy project. When you take the class with us we provide all the materials and most importantly, we clean up the mess!

The class is only $100 and we offer it at least once a month. Private classes are available with a minimum of four people so let us know if you are interested in that. We love this class because it allows us to repurpose, reimagine and rediscover old windows and discarded glass. And we are keeping stuff out of the landfill!