Did you know that almost everything in Remix Market is from the other side of our business The Junkluggers of Gainesville VA? The mission is to keep items out of the landfill. Our job at Remix Market is to evaluate the items and determine if there is a resale value. We are pretty darn happy when we hear the trucks pull up to the warehouse. And full disclosure, we might have to look through a lot of junk to find the gems. However, sometimes the entire truck is a treasure trove of beautiful items ready to hit the sales floor. Recently we had the pleasure of unloading such a truck.

Our customer had spent almost her entire lifetime collecting Victorian era furniture, home decor and collectibles. She specifically called The Junkluggers because she knew her items would have a chance at a second life and bring joy to someone else. We oohed and aahed over dainty chairs upholstered in pink crushed velvet, hats with brocade and feathers, sweet cherubs in delicate carved frames, porcelain floral cups and saucers, and several ornate and gilded mirrors. We had recently received an antique1920’s bedroom suite which included a vanity, wardrobe, and chest of drawers. We were able to set up an entire “room” showcasing all of these items and it was lovely. It is so pretty to look at and as pieces sell we feel the original owners would be pleased to know their treasures are getting a second chance. Just another way that we repurpose, reimagine and rediscover beautiful items from days gone by.